You guys thinking about adding in more character models? I do like how they're from movies (at least Bateman and Wally, I don't recognize Molotov or The Hunter from anything), it'd be interesting to see the likeness of other characters in the mod. Also, how the hell do the flare guns work? I always try shooting them straight up and often hear a helicopter after words but I never see one drop off supplies. Anyways awesome work with the mod, can't wait to see future updates!

Well the other two characters Molotov and Hunter are fictional characters. The Hunter was a concept done by our concept artist SickJoe you can check out the original art here. As for future character cameos all I can say is maybe…

Now as for the flare gun, it is intended for survival mode which we are currently working working on implementing. As for its use in objective mode… it sets zombies on fire and that’s about it.

is it still possible to kill yourself with firearms?

Not yet but but that’s just because we don’t have animations yet. Expect it in a future patch.

If the moon was cheese, would ya eat it? I know I would.

Yes, with breadsticks.

Any chance this game will be open world? I mean like borderlands

No, sorry not with the Source Engine.


Yes, you are!

Question dump #1

And away we go:

I would like to know if you guys intend to add something on gameplay, changing it somehow. The mod is awesome, but the campaign it’s kinda short. - Renan9878

Future releases we will add more maps, weapons, NPCs. Although the biggest gameplay changer we will be adding soon will be new gamemode types. The reason we released with only one is we really wanted to get the game out to the players so we could find/fix bugs and give the community the opportunity to create it’s own maps with our FGD.

This game is sooo nice ! But can you fix the zombie’s hitbox ? is really hard to headshot them.

 Should have been fixed as of patch 1.01 download here:

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Answering all of your questions!

I (Dman757) will be answering all your tumblr questions through out the day. I’m thinking about 15-20 every hour on the hour. So if you have any thing you’re curious about like: development, developers, design, desserts preferences, Dman757, or whatever. Ask away! I’ll probably be firing off some tweets while I’m at it, follow me at: @David_Meade or don’t whatever.

I’ll take questions via:

How Much Will This Game Cost?

The No More Room in Hell mod is, and will always be 100% free :o

Release trailer!

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Is every single shot from any weapon to the head - instant kill? Or just the powerful weapons like the revolver are 1 headshot kill, like in ZPS ?

Some smaller calibers might require more than one shot to the head. Keep in mind you have to hit them in the brain, not just in the face.